Robert McGuire

Author Photo RobertBorn in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the end of World War II, Robert McGuire was raised in a small town in southeastern Massachusetts in an area where the Pilgrims first settled, the King Phillip Wars were fought, and where Patriots responded to the call to arms as Minutemen and in the Continental Army.

Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant from ROTC, he entered active duty in the Army Transportation Corps with early service in Vietnam, then continued in the Reserves until 20 odd years later he commanded a railroad unit that was mobilized to active duty during Desert Shield/Storm. He entered the US Army retired rolls as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2005.

After thirty years employment as a professional in the Human Resources and Technical Training fields, he moved to southwest Florida where he joined the firm established by his wife, Anne, providing consulting services and equipment sales for railroad rolling stock.

As a writer of Historical Fiction, he brings to life the experiences of ancestors whose lives and times are recounted in the “Normanstone” series.