A “member in good standing” is a writer in compliance with all rules and regulations of the organization—written and implied—who pays their membership dues in a timely manner, and is thereby eligible to:

  • Be elected to or hold office at any level of the organization
  • Attend, participate in, and vote at meetings
  • Serve on committees
  • Attend seminars and workshops provided by the organization

Email Messages

Email messages relevant to the general membership will come from the President or another Board Member designated with the responsibility of sending out information to the group. Address issues, suggestions, or provide feedback by sending a private email to the President or other Board Member.

If you want to contact another member, make sure you send messages from your own private email address to that person’s private email address. Our contact list is for the organization’s benefit only.

Sharing the group’s contact information with anyone outside of the group is strictly prohibited and subject to revocation of membership from the organization.

Membership Form