About Us

In the late 1990’s, a few friends came together to discuss how they could improve their writing skills. Word spread quickly on the island, and by 2000 the group was too large to continue to meet in each other’s homes.

A generous member volunteered her office in the industrial park as a meeting place. An ad was place in the Eagle and before long there were 20-25 participates at the Monday night gatherings. Not only Pine Islanders came, but published and unpublished writers from the surrounding area joined.

It was time to form an organization with the aim of providing support to those wishing to pursue and improve the craft of writing. In 2004, Pine Island Writers became a non-profit community based organization. They moved their meeting place again, this time to the episcopal church in St. James City, where they continued to meet until 2020, when they switched to online meetings due to the pandemic.

Change of leadership in 2021 led to the non-profit status being dissolved, as the members felt a community of friends without the pressures of upholding an organization best suited their needs. Now Pine Island Writers continues on much as it always has; a group of writers who gather to share their love of writing and help each other grow as creators.