June Member Spotlight

This month’s spotlight is on Xander Blue, published author of time traveling tales.

Member Sotlight XanderFive Key Words that Define You as a Writer

  1. Playful
  2. Futurepastian
  3. Teacher
  4. Heureux
  5. Muse

Where are you from and What is your educational/professional background?

I am most recently from Vegas, and despite the rumors and photographic evidence, I did not work at Area 51. Transition from desert to beach life has been a wonderful and welcome change. Krispy Kreme at dawn watching the waves meet the shore is pretty inspiring, just sayin’.
Being a time traveler afforded me the opportunity to learn from various sources throughout multiple timelines. I have earned a couple degrees, and then there’s that Sumerian thing from 3142 BCE. It’s written in ancient Akkadian, and I just can’t figure out if it is a decree to vacate Sumer… or a degree. I would like to think it is the latter.
I am very fortunate to have worn many hats / lived many lives in my time here. I love learning and that is never-ending.

Who and What inspires you as a writer?

There are so many untold stories of the valor and sacrifice of a multitude of fictional characters. It is an honor to tell their stories and have their voices heard.

What is your goal as a writer for this year? How do you intend to accomplish it?

I hope to finish two novels, if I can just find the energy. The first is the tale of the daring-do of Janet, a futurepastian such as myself. She travels to the American West of 1815 to live with a Native tribe. Some nights I just can’t sleep because I am thinking about the trials Janet endures and the time traveling assassin that is plotting her demise.
The second is a poly love story based in Miami. It’s the typical modern Florida love story with murder, dark and light magic, a leprechaun bent on ruling the world, insane Fae, shifters, and a trip to Atlantis. Oh, and cereal. Lots of cereal.

When do you feel you are you most creative?

Definitely June, 1485. I was in Milan apprenticing with Leo (Da Vinci). That man was painfully slow with painting, so he needed someone to assemble his crazy inventions. I can’t count how many… pardon? Misunderstood what? Oh, sorry.
I used to do my writing late into the night, but the vampire plague of 2023 changed THAT habit for sure! Now I write mostly in the mornings. What’s wrong, did I misunderstand the question again? What do you mean it’s 2021 right now, I thought it was 2027. You can edit that part out, right?

Why did you start writing? How long have you been writing?

Creating / storytelling is something that just happens, I can’t stop it. I have been scribbling dialog and scenes in notebooks for many years. Many. It wasn’t until mid-1492 / early 2615 that I focused, allotted the time needed, and actually worked hard at finishing a book. My first novel, Whipping Up A New Past was published thru Amazon in March, 2020. It is an accomplishment that has redefined how I look at my place the universe.

Links to your website/social media?

You may set your neural transmitter to *42, or if you desire to use the more traditional interwebs, go to: https://XanderBlueBooks.com

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