Pine Island Writers is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging all writers of every genre, ability, and experience to grow further in their writing. We are a critique group that shares our writings with each other to get feedback and encouragement. Whether you write for yourself, to self-publish or to publish through a publishing house, you are welcome here. We attract writers from every genre–fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screen-writing, plays–and have writers with a myriad of experience from first-time journal writing to series novelists and poets. There are no egos here–just great people who care about writing and helping others succeed.

Pine Island Writers currently meet every Monday from 7-9 p.m. on Zoom and, during non-pandemic times, at St. John’s Episcopal Church Fellowship Hall on Stringfellow Road in St. James City. Please join a meeting if you are interested in improving your writing or reading good writing. Just contact us by emailing info@pineislandwriters.org or using our Contact Form and ask for the Zoom link. You may attend two before having to become a member. Check out the member benefits as well.

Member Spotlight

  • June Member Spotlight
    This month’s spotlight is on Xander Blue, published author of time traveling tales.

    Member Sotlight XanderFive Key Words that Define You as a Writer

    1. Playful
    2. Futurepastian
    3. Teacher
    4. Heureux
    5. Muse

    Where are you from and What is your educational/professional background?

    I am most recently from Vegas, and despite the rumors and photographic evidence, I did not work at Area 51. Transition from desert to beach life has been a wonderful and welcome change. Krispy Kreme at dawn watching the waves meet the shore is pretty inspiring, just sayin’.
    Being a time traveler afforded me the opportunity to learn from various sources throughout multiple timelines. I have earned a couple degrees, and then there’s that Sumerian thing from 3142 BCE. It’s written in ancient Akkadian, and I just can’t figure out if it is a decree to vacate Sumer… or a degree. I would like to think it is the latter.
    I am very fortunate to have worn many hats / lived many lives in my time here. I love learning and that is never-ending.

    Who and What inspires you as a writer?

    There are so many untold stories of the valor and sacrifice of a multitude of fictional characters. It is an honor to tell their stories and have their voices heard.

    What is your goal as a writer for this year? How do you intend to accomplish it?

    I hope to finish two novels, if I can just find the energy. The first is the tale of the daring-do of Janet, a futurepastian such as myself. She travels to the American West of 1815 to live with a Native tribe. Some nights I just can’t sleep because I am thinking about the trials Janet endures and the time traveling assassin that is plotting her demise.
    The second is a poly love story based in Miami. It’s the typical modern Florida love story with murder, dark and light magic, a leprechaun bent on ruling the world, insane Fae, shifters, and a trip to Atlantis. Oh, and cereal. Lots of cereal.

    When do you feel you are you most creative?

    Definitely June, 1485. I was in Milan apprenticing with Leo (Da Vinci). That man was painfully slow with painting, so he needed someone to assemble his crazy inventions. I can’t count how many… pardon? Misunderstood what? Oh, sorry.
    I used to do my writing late into the night, but the vampire plague of 2023 changed THAT habit for sure! Now I write mostly in the mornings. What’s wrong, did I misunderstand the question again? What do you mean it’s 2021 right now, I thought it was 2027. You can edit that part out, right?

    Why did you start writing? How long have you been writing?

    Creating / storytelling is something that just happens, I can’t stop it. I have been scribbling dialog and scenes in notebooks for many years. Many. It wasn’t until mid-1492 / early 2615 that I focused, allotted the time needed, and actually worked hard at finishing a book. My first novel, Whipping Up A New Past was published thru Amazon in March, 2020. It is an accomplishment that has redefined how I look at my place the universe.

    Links to your website/social media?

    You may set your neural transmitter to *42, or if you desire to use the more traditional interwebs, go to: https://XanderBlueBooks.com

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Pine Island Writers hope to promote and develop the art of writing and the skill of reading out loud by critiquing in a constructive and positive manner; educating about the interactive art of the written word; and promoting a pride of community through the craft of writing. We welcome writers of all genres and abilities to our critique group to share their work.