Living in Paradise ~ Reflections of the Past ~
Wisdom Whispering Through the Pines

Pine Island Writers recently published their 5th collection of stories titled The Spirit of Pine Island. The production of this book is a collaborative effort by very talented writers. The stories and poems reflect experiences that are the essence of life on Pine Island.

The Pine Island Writers have published the following softbound books:

Pine Island Christmas Magic
The Back-Up Mango and other stories
Stories from the Creative Coast

Pine Island Time

If you would like to purchase any of these publications, please send an email to

Pine Island Writers

PO Box 266
Matlacha, FL 33993

Board of Directors

Gail C. Berreitter - President
Alice Melzer - Vice President
Christine Prestella- Secretary
Ed Zettle - Treasurer
Kelly O'Sullivan - Member-at-Larg